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The Personal Connection

Often mistaken as being social due my choice of career and good at small talk, I would say that I consider myself an Introvert. I need my alone time to recharge and reenergize simply because the connections I make with people are far more deeper than superficial small talk.

In the 30 plus years as a hairstylist and the connections I have made over the years, the title and honor of being an educator has been the biggest highlight of my career.

Sharing creativity, ideas and struggles in a safe educational environment surrounded by your peers can be more motivating and energizing than anything else to a hairstylist.

The last year has taught me many things about myself. The first is I have not adapted well to the online transition.

Whether it is sharing information through education, which I feel as Industry we over share our trade secrets far too often online (that is a topic for another discussion) or receiving information I can honestly say without the personal contact and the hands on approach, I lack the energy and enthusiasm I would normally experience in interacting in person with my colleagues.

I am sure like many of you, I look forward to the days when we can once again gather as a group of professionals where the sole purpose is to inspire and motivate each other. Not only to be better at our craft, but to make people feel better and make our communities better places to live and thrive in.

On that note, I look forward to connecting with you all that much more through the world of and learning the importance of balance between in person and online connections.

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