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Updated: Jan 16, 2021

By Frank Petrella

When it comes to fabulous hair, a lot of us rely on our beauty regimes, which sometimes can seem overwhelming.

We are told to use this Product to achieve this and that Product to achieve that and so on.

Even our shampoos and conditioners can give us unrealistic expectations.

A good shampoo should cleanse the hair, rinse clean and leave your scalp feeling fresh without stripping your natural oils and your colour treated hair.

A good conditioner should add moisture and repair the hair while adding shine and manageability. It should also rinse out well. Depending on your hair texture and density it will determine whether you should use a light weight conditioner or something with a little more kick.

Ultimately in my experience, I have discovered a great haircut with balance and structure combined with the right styling tools will help, but more importantly a solid finishing product like Instant Gratification Corrective Cream will exceed all your expectations!

Hair by Frank Petrella

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